All stations please pass the word to all radio operators there are the following additional methods to check into this Statewide net.

Digital Voice net is running on the Illinois-Link 31171

Echo-link node WB0VTM-L 824404

The Central Illinois Linked Repeater System (analog)

This net info is being managed on Net-Logger and everyone is welcome to observe.

Additional information about this net and others can be found website and the ARRL Illinois Section Facebook Page.

Please share this with all your nets, email lists, websites, etc.

The goal is to get multiple contacts from all 102 counties in Illinois, let us make this a reality during these current events.

Thank you, please stay safe and healthy,

Repeater change for St. Louis SKYWARN

Skywarn logo
Repeater change for St. Louis SKYWARN.

St. Louis Metro Skywarn will now be using the 146.910 repeater for all Skywarn activities and during severe weather. The 147.360 will be the back up repeater. Please make sure you can reach the 146.910 repeater from your home and or mobile station.

St. Louis Metro Skywarn would like everyone to report severe weather and severe weather damage reports on the 146.910 repeater. We send your reports to the NWS St. Louis Office plus the St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management for them to dispatch the necessary response teams when needed to those locations reported.

For more information visit St. Louis Metro Skywarn

Stuck at Home Nets 

Stuck at Home Nets 

The following repeaters will be used in rotation to help with coverage;

146.850 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located in Olivette

146.970 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located just west of Forest Park

146.940 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located in Brentwood

146.910 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located at Manchester & 270 

The schedule will be as follows;

Saturdays on the 146.910 at 8pm

Sundays on the 146.970 at 8pm

Mondays on the 146.940 at 8pm

Tuesday check in to the SLSRC net at 7:30pm on the 146.850 repeater

Wednesdays on the 146.910 at 8pm

Thursday on the 146.970 at 8pm

Fridays on the 146.850 at 8pm 

New from the ARRL: Amateur Radio Contesting for Beginners

New book Amateur Radio Contesting for Beginners by contesting veteran Doug Grant, K1DG, offers practical information and ideas that will help you to get started in contesting or to build your skills, if you’re already active. “Doug Grant has written the ideal guide for anyone interested in contesting,” said QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY. It explains what equipment you need, typical contest formats, operating techniques, how to submit an entry, and improve your scores. No matter how modest your station or experience, you can compete, too!

Amateur Radio Contesting for Beginners is available at and as an e-book for the Amazon Kindle.

Free ARRL Events App Now Available for Apple iOS and Android Devices

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 20.48.39

The ARRL Events app, which will be featured at Orlando HamCation, is now available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. A web-browser version, optimized for nearly any browser or other mobile device type, is also available to view. Orlando HamCation 2020 takes place February 7 – 9 and has been sanctioned as the 2020 ARRL Northern Florida Section Convention. Hosted annually by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club, HamCation is one of the largest annual amateur radio gatherings in the US.

Free ARRL Events App Now Available for Apple iOS and Android Devices.

Winter Heat 2020:DMR and C4FM Simplex

In addition to the FM Simplex frequencies we've been using. We now have opportunities on DMR and C4FM!

  • 147.520 - IL2-B
  • 147.570 - IL2-C
  • 446.400 - ILUHF-B
  • 446.700 - ILUHF-C
  • 52.540 - IL6M-X
  • 147.555 - VHF C4FM Voice
    • Simplex Only
  • 446.600 - UHF C4FM Voice
    • Simplex Only
  • 145.670 - VHF - DMR
    • Simplex Only
  • 446.500 - UHF DMR
    • Simplex Only

Learn more about Winter Heat 2020

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