Auxcomm training in 2020

Auxcomm guide
Illinois is looking to hold four AUXCOMM Courses across the state in 2022, we would like one of those to be in Madison county.
The AUXCOMM course is a FREE 20 hour course taken over two days, usually a Saturday and Sunday.
"..volunteer organziations such as community emergency response teams and auxillary communications volunteers(e.g. amateur radio operatros; also called Hams) play key roles... Today nearly all states and terriotories have incorporated some level of participation by amateur radio auxillary communication operators into their TICPs and SCIPs, this allows them to quickly integrate the operators into the response efforts. {From Slide two of the AUXCOMM student book 2014}
The AUXCOMM Course trains experienced auxiliary emergency communications personnel on integrating their people, equipment and abilities into the Comunications Unit during planned events and all-hazards emergency incident operations. This course will help auxiliary emergemcy comminications personnel learn to work within the Incident Command System organizational structure.
We need to see what the level of interest there is in having the class. If you are interested please contact me at AA9FQ@ARRL.NET I would like your name, callsign, email. I will pass this information to Madison county EMA who will be scheduling the class.
You do not need to be an ARES, AUXCOMM, or Radio Club member to take the course.
Prerequisite: Must have the following prerequisites to attend this course: amateur radio licence, complete IS-100.b, IS-200.b, IS-700-.a and IS-800.b. and desire to learn how to work with COMLs in a NIMS/ICS environment.
If you are interested in taking the course in 2022, please contact
Bob AA9FQ@ARRL.NET with your name, callsign, and email. Your
information will be forwarded to Madison county EMA, who will
be scheduling the class.


Madison county ares net 3
The 146.790 repeater is essentially down, the only operational input at this time is the PL 127.3 and that receive site is compromised at best.
The 442.400 repeater is down
All real-world Madison county ARES operations will be occurring on the 145.230 repeater pl 79.7 as this is the ARES backup and SKYWARN primary repeater.
I will be investigating repeater options as far as having another backup repeater that covers the county.
From what I understand neither repeater will be a quick easy fix.
I will be formally asking the Lewis and Clark club about moving our Sunday net and primary operations.
SKYWARN operations will have precedence over ARES on the repeater. So, there would no ARES nets when severe weather threatens Madison , Calhoun or Jersey counties.
Reminder Madison county ARES primary simplex of 146.540 secondary simplex 146.580
Bob Evans
Madison county ARES Emergency Coordinator

New Ham Guide Vol. 3

New Ham Guide V3
Interested in Amateur Radio, but don't know where to start ?
Have your HAM license and not sure what to do next?
This guide is designed as a path to the answers you may seek.
After all Winter is Coming and COVID is still canceling most events, so why not stay home and learn a new hobby, or dig deeper into one?
There is Madison County ARES as well as two clubs in Madison county; Egyptian Radio Club and Lewis and Clark Radio Club as well as the St. Clair Amateur Radio Club in St. Clair County. There are around 700 amateur radio operators in Madison county.
Information provided by Bob Evans AA9FQ.

Skywarn Training: online classes

From the Madison County ARES (Illinois) Face Book page.

Since we are all at home, there has been renewed interest in storm spotting.
I believe this is most comprehensive list of storm spotter training I have ever posted.

NWS Mini Course:
A guide to basic radar products using radar apps
This is a free course from the National Weather Service Paducah Kentucky:
Well I have managed to put together a mini course for you all (and the public) on radar products, (using Radarscope as an example), so if you are interested, here are the details. Register here: […/5567152133763931919](…/5567152133763931919) If you have any questions, please email me - Christine

COMET ED One of the best online free spotter courses

The link to the recording of the Webinar has not been posted , but NWS Norman sent out the following links covering everything that was discussed.
Here are some links related to what was discussed during the webinar:
NWS Norman Website -
SPC Mesoanalysis Page -
NWS Norman Skywarn Page -
COMET Spotter Training Modules -
NWS Norman YouTube Spotter Playlist -
SPC Severe Weather Video Lecture Series -
Spotter Network -

Norman Ok NWS Online Spotter Course

Spotter training resource page

Norman OK Advance Spotter training Webinar 2020…



The Wellness Net will cease operations on May 31, 2020



All stations please pass the word to all radio operators there are the following additional methods to check into this Statewide net.

Digital Voice net is running on the Illinois-Link 31171

Echo-link node WB0VTM-L 824404

The Central Illinois Linked Repeater System (analog)

This net info is being managed on Net-Logger and everyone is welcome to observe.

Additional information about this net and others can be found website and the ARRL Illinois Section Facebook Page.

Please share this with all your nets, email lists, websites, etc.

The goal is to get multiple contacts from all 102 counties in Illinois, let us make this a reality during these current events.

Thank you, please stay safe and healthy,

ARES Task Book

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 7.54.42 PM

Task Book

The TaskBook is a working document that enables those ARES® communicators electing to participate in the ARRL training plan to track and document their training plan elements as they are completed towards the various levels of increasing proficiency. The TaskBook should contain all training plan items, completion dates and sign-offs as the ARES® communicator transitions through the three skill levels. The ARES® communicator is responsible for maintaining his/her Task Book and having it with him/her during training and assignments. The TaskBook also contains sections with definitions of the communicator levels, as well as common responsibilities.

Since the Task Book is personal to each ARES Communicator, each user should feel free to adapt it to their needs and requirements of their geographical region.

Download the Task Book

Introduction to Auxcomm 2019


Instructors: Jim Pitchford N9LQF and Bob Evans AA9FQ
ICS Courses 100 and 700 are STRONGLY encouraged as prerequisites for the Introduction to Auxcomm course
Courses are free and available online at:

For the Train the Trainer you must of successfully completed the full 20 hour Auxcomm course and be willing to teach a section of the Intro course along with two other instructors.

Courses are free and available online at:
To Register Contact Bob Evans AA9FQ@ARRL.NET

The following information is required:
Which course date and location you want to register for.
Amateur radio license class callsign expiration
Name address cell phone number email
Class type Intro or Train the Trainer
If you have completed the ICS 100 and 700 we need to know what dates you completed those.
Served Agency affiliation if any
ARES County membership group if any
for the TTT what was the date you completed the full 20 hour Auxcomm course

No trespassing on Madison County Levees


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY all levees in Madison County are closed to UNAUTHORIZED persons. Local Law Enforcement, Sheriff’s Office and National Guard will be patrolling and monitoring the levee system. If you are not authorized to be on the levee you will be asked to leave. The safety of our residents and the integrity of our levees is of utmost importance. Thank you for understanding and please share!