Back to the Basics

SLSRC “Mentoring Workshop”

SLSRC “Mentoring Workshop” Friday, August 7 on 146.850 repeater

SLSRC’s monthly series of “Mentoring Workshop” continues on Friday, August 7 on the 146.850 (141.3 -) repeater at 7 PM and will continue on the first Friday of each month through September.  We hope future workshops will once again be “in-person” but for the immediate future, we will be holding them on the repeater.

As with the “in-person” sessions, this is where YOU, the new amateur operator sets the agenda with any questions you have about equipment, what to buy, new operating modes, etc. Having the sessions on the repeater will also give “new” hams the opportunity to overcome any “mic fright” that might still exist.

Do you have a new radio that needs programming? Ask about it.

Are you thinking about purchasing new equipment and have questions about what to buy? Ask for opinions.

What is the best antenna for your situation? Ask about it?

How about grounding...where do you start? Ask about it.

These are just a few of some possible questions...YOU set the “agenda” as to what will be discussed, so put Friday, August 7, on your calendar and check into the 146.850 repeater at 7 PM.  

If you are an experienced amateur radio operator, please also join us and offer your knowledge and experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.


SLSRC - Back to the Basics - 2019/2020

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND FOR THE 4th YEAR… SLSRC is once again starting the Fall/Winter sessions of “Back to the Basics” classes for Amateur Radio.

The classes are for ALL Amateurs, but are geared toward new amateurs, those who want to refresh their knowledge, and those who are not amateurs….yet !

The classes will be at 7 PM on the first Friday of each month from October- March, in rooms 419-420 of the Clinical Learning Institute (Goldfarb School of Nursing) at Missouri Baptist Hospital. (Same meeting location as the monthly SLRC meetings.)


  • October 4– Tech License privileges and your first VHF/UHF station, antennas/coax, using repeaters, etc. We will have a “mock” net so you can “get on the air.”
  • November 1- Your first HF radio, calling CQ, modes and operating procedures on HF, antennas, coax, etc.

  • December 6– Safety- Antenna and tower safety, electrical wiring, grounding, RF radiation, etc.

  • January 3 – Testing procedures- basic instruments and how to use them- SWR meter, antenna analyzer, dummy load, etc.

  • February 7 – Activities in Amateur Radio- awards, contests, QSL cards, nets, EmComm, public service, Field Day, etc.

  • March 6 – Other aspects of Amateur Radio (HamWAN, satellite, digital modes, Hot Spots, SDR, contesting, QRP, portable operation, etc.

In addition to a presentation about each topic, there will be a Q&A session with several Mentors (aka “Elmers”) available to answer your questions.

All amateurs and future amateurs are invited to attend….not licensed “yet”…newly licensed….been licensed but not active…and of course, “old timers.”

Contact Cliff KCØSDV at for information or questions.