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New Ham Guide Vol. 3

New Ham Guide V3
Interested in Amateur Radio, but don't know where to start ?
Have your HAM license and not sure what to do next?
This guide is designed as a path to the answers you may seek.
After all Winter is Coming and COVID is still canceling most events, so why not stay home and learn a new hobby, or dig deeper into one?
There is Madison County ARES as well as two clubs in Madison county; Egyptian Radio Club and Lewis and Clark Radio Club as well as the St. Clair Amateur Radio Club in St. Clair County. There are around 700 amateur radio operators in Madison county.
Information provided by Bob Evans AA9FQ.

Egyptian Radio Club Repeater Joins Illinois Link

The Egyptian Radio Club 443.325 repeater in downtown St. Louis is linked to WiresX. This covers Madison County quite well

Currently it is linked to Illinois Link. However, users can switch talk groups remotely. After 60 minutes of being on any other group it connects to it will automatically return to Illinois Link.

Info curtesy of Justin Garbe

W9AIU (146.76) repeater adds P25



The Egyptian Radio Club has recently upgraded the 146.76 repeater with a Motorola Quantar. This repeater does both standard analog FM and APCO Project 25 phase 1 or P25 Phase 1

When someone is using the repeater with a P25 signal, analog users will hear an ASCI like digital noise. Using a PL tone of 141.3 on both transmit and recieve will prevent analog users from hearing the digital noise. There S meter will still indicate that there is or is not a signal present on the frequency.

In time this same upgrade will be made to the 146.79 repeater.

ARES will continue just Analog for primary operations. This is simply because with all the different digital modes, and it maybe financially impossible for some members to purchase digital voice equipment.

The EOC and UCP Kenwood base stations, I do not believe are capable of digital voice, if they are it would be DSTAR.

If we get enough people with the same type of digital voice mode, a subnet maybe possible.

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