Lewis and Clark Radio Club


Madison county ares net 3
The 146.790 repeater is essentially down, the only operational input at this time is the PL 127.3 and that receive site is compromised at best.
The 442.400 repeater is down
All real-world Madison county ARES operations will be occurring on the 145.230 repeater pl 79.7 as this is the ARES backup and SKYWARN primary repeater.
I will be investigating repeater options as far as having another backup repeater that covers the county.
From what I understand neither repeater will be a quick easy fix.
I will be formally asking the Lewis and Clark club about moving our Sunday net and primary operations.
SKYWARN operations will have precedence over ARES on the repeater. So, there would no ARES nets when severe weather threatens Madison , Calhoun or Jersey counties.
Reminder Madison county ARES primary simplex of 146.540 secondary simplex 146.580
Bob Evans
Madison county ARES Emergency Coordinator

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There is Madison County ARES as well as two clubs in Madison county; Egyptian Radio Club and Lewis and Clark Radio Club as well as the St. Clair Amateur Radio Club in St. Clair County. There are around 700 amateur radio operators in Madison county.
Information provided by Bob Evans AA9FQ.