Computer gaming headsets and ham radio

Yamaha CM500 Headset with Built-In Microphone

Are inexpensive (or not so inexpensive) gaming headsets suitable for amateur radio applications? The de facto standard is the Heil Proset. But hams on a budget may may have more choices. James Richards - K8JHR, has done all the testing and research:

K8JHR -HEADSETS I HAVE TRIED, LIKE, OR RECOMMEND with Various and Sundry Observations Tossed In at No Extra Costs


Bob Heil on Microphones

The RAIN Report asked the question: What's your favorite microphone in your ham shack? You may change your mind after you listen to the next three RAIN Reports. The guy who may change your mind is Bob Heil/K9EID, the only microphone man in the Rock-n-roll hall of fame. Bob has sold well over 100,000 microphones of his own design. RAIN's Hap Holly/KC9RP recently spoke with Bob for more than an hour on Skype about Bob's preferred microphone and those he absolutely despises.

Part one of Bob's interview

Part two of Bob's interview

Part three of Bob's interview