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The Radio Boys: On Secret Service Duty

The Radio Boys: On Secret Service Duty, Gerald Breckenridge
In 1922 radio was cool enough to feature in a series of adventure stories.
"Mr. Hampton, a scientific man, enthusiastic over the development of radio telephony long before the radio craze swept the country... was licensed by the government to build a transmission station and use an 1,800-meter wave length for trans-oceanic experiment(s)..."

W2IXY Back of the Mike February 09 1941

Dorothy Hall - W2IXY

In a dramatic recreation, Dorothy Hall, W2IXY tells of the exciting QSO with an Amateur Radio operator in Mexico. Dorothy had the sad duty of informing the Mexican people of the death of a heroic aviator.

The recording is from a radio show titled: Back of the Mike, first broadcast on February 9, 1941

Dorothy was the second district chairman of Young Ladies Radio League. She was a long time NYFD fire dispatcher and staff instructor.

Dorothy assisted in dispatching and training for the NYFD. In the 1951 call book she still resided at in Springfield, L.I., New York, the place was called Springfield Gardens. The old home had a dorm in the upper floors and they could accommodate several visitors at a time, they usually had friends and station visitors staying over with them.

Tribute to Dorothy Hall: hamgallery.com/Tribute/W2IXY/
W8SU: hamgallery.com/Tribute/W2IXY/w2ixy.pdf
Behind the Mike episodes: archive.org/details/OTRR_Behind_The_Mike_Singles

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Orson Wells and Dorothy Hall, W2IXY

Orson Wells and Dorothy Hall, W2IXY

In 1938 the residents of Pitcairn Island faced an epidemic. Amateur radio operators sounded the alarm and mobilized the world to save the descendants of Fletcher Christian’s mutiny from almost certain starvation.

On January 13, 1939, Orson Wells produced “Mutiny on the Bounty,” sponsored by Campbell’s Soup. The story of Captain Bligh and the men of "The Bounty" during a visit to Tahiti. At the end of the program, Orson Welles read an eloquent tribute ham radio operators. His guest was Dorothy Hall, W2IXY, a ham radio operator, and FDNY Dispatcher who helped the residents of Pitcairn Island during an epidemic. Original air date, January 13, 1939

More on Dorothy Hall at: hamgallery.com/Tribute/W2IXY/

The full recording of Mutiny on the Bounty is available online: www.oldtimeradiodownloads.com/drama/the-…1939-01-13

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Ham fisted juveniles...

In the late 19th Century, railroad telegraphers tried to protect their jobs by insisting their skill could only be passed on to their children. The railroads responded by hiring (for lower wages) teenagers as telegraphers.

The railroad men complained about those "ham fisted juveniles..."

Is this the origin of the name "Ham?" Who knows. But its a fun story anyway...