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Introduction to Auxcomm 2019


Instructors: Jim Pitchford N9LQF and Bob Evans AA9FQ
ICS Courses 100 and 700 are STRONGLY encouraged as prerequisites for the Introduction to Auxcomm course
Courses are free and available online at:

For the Train the Trainer you must of successfully completed the full 20 hour Auxcomm course and be willing to teach a section of the Intro course along with two other instructors.

Courses are free and available online at:
To Register Contact Bob Evans AA9FQ@ARRL.NET

The following information is required:
Which course date and location you want to register for.
Amateur radio license class callsign expiration
Name address cell phone number email
Class type Intro or Train the Trainer
If you have completed the ICS 100 and 700 we need to know what dates you completed those.
Served Agency affiliation if any
ARES County membership group if any
for the TTT what was the date you completed the full 20 hour Auxcomm course

Introduction to AUXCOMM Course - Illinois

Introduction to AUXCOMM Course

The course entitled "Introduction to AuxComm" to ready to accept students! The training class will be on Sunday, January 13 at the ILEAS Training Facility in Champaign/Urbana. The class will begin at 10:00AM and conclude at approximately 2:00PM.

The Intro to AuxComm class is a 4 hour overview of the Auxiliary Communicator role in Illinois. Students will get an brief introduction to the ICS/NIMS environment the agencies they will be helping use and how volunteer communicators fit within that framework. This is a beginning stepping stone to both the online and classroom FEMA classes regarding ICS and AuxComm. Previous completion of ICS 100 and 700 are suggested. We'll review lunch plans in a follow up email.

At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate indicating you have met the requirements for the 'Intro to AuxComm" class and a guaranteed seat in the next full AuxComm Class should your schedule allow for your attendance. Please remember that entry into a full AuxComm Class will require completion of the most current edition of ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800. A General class license is also required.

Feel free to pass this email to other Amateur Radio Operators that you may know.

Please RSVP and by January 9, 2019.

ARES Connect

The new ARES Connect volunteer management system provides many valuable features that will truly enhance the experience of emergency communication volunteers. Those features include: a robust event management feature that allows you to create events, register users, log hours; a more automated reporting system based on user input, so that, instead of filing reports, you will be able to generate reports based on the events users register and log hours for; enhanced roster management capabilities; and embedded communications tools that will allow you to send email and text messages to volunteers.

If you have any questions, please contact the ARRL HQ ARES Connect Support team at

Sign up for ARES Connect

Presidential Emergency Test Message Thursday September 20 1:18 pm

Thursday September 20 1:18 pm

WEA National Test, all cellphones are expected to carry the Presidential Emergency Test Message.
Your Do Not Disturb feature will not block this alert.
The message will be sent out for 30 minutes , you should only receive it once.


Two minutes later at 1:20 pm the same message will be carried on radio and television through the Emergency Alert System.

Light Up 2 Meters Night, an FM Simplex Event

Most Amateur Radio Operators today start out with a radio capable of operating FM on the 2 meter band, so, you probably already have the minimum equipment necessary to participate. The objective is simple - make 2 meter FM simplex contacts, challenge your operating limits, and just get on the air and have some fun.

The suggested frequency for this event is 146.55 MHz, if calling on 146.52 MHz, please be considerate of other operators. Your local band plan may differ, so feel free to share with suggested frequencies that would be best in your local area.

Now all you have to do is get on the air! Of course, you don't have to stop there, maybe your station needs an upgrade, whether it’s a handheld needing a better antenna, to the 100' of 30 year old RG8X to your 2 meter vertical on the tower needing replaced, or maybe, a new mobile rig has been on your shopping list.

Light Up 2 Meters Night, an FM Simplex Event
August 26, 2018 7-9pm Local Time

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