Operatiing Safety

RF Safety rules for 2021 and beyond

New FCC RF safety rules for ham radio #hamradio - May 2021 Changes to FCC RF exposure rules go into place in May 2021 in the US. Ria's video talks about what's  changed and how to stay in compliance. Determine (under the new rules) whether you are covered under an exemption - Use either of two calculators to perform an evaluation for MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) if you wish to or are required to perform an evaluation.

Lightning precautions


If you haven't given any thought to lighting precautions for your shack check out this article from The Belleville (Illinois) Advocate. It reported an unusual event in July of 1867. 

Notice I didn't say "Lighting prevention." If it hits there's not much you can do. For information about protection and safety check out this page from the  ARRL