Madison county ares net 3
The 146.790 repeater is essentially down, the only operational input at this time is the PL 127.3 and that receive site is compromised at best.
The 442.400 repeater is down
All real-world Madison county ARES operations will be occurring on the 145.230 repeater pl 79.7 as this is the ARES backup and SKYWARN primary repeater.
I will be investigating repeater options as far as having another backup repeater that covers the county.
From what I understand neither repeater will be a quick easy fix.
I will be formally asking the Lewis and Clark club about moving our Sunday net and primary operations.
SKYWARN operations will have precedence over ARES on the repeater. So, there would no ARES nets when severe weather threatens Madison , Calhoun or Jersey counties.
Reminder Madison county ARES primary simplex of 146.540 secondary simplex 146.580
Bob Evans
Madison county ARES Emergency Coordinator

2021 Storm Spotter Classes Go Virtual

Registrations now open

Do you have an interest in weather and helping your community? Well we have a great opportunity for you!

The National Weather Service Forecast Office in St. Louis is offering FREE virtual spotter classes to prepare for the heart of severe weather season. If you would like to assist your local community by becoming a volunteer storm spotter and reporting severe weather to the National Weather Service, or if you simply want to learn more about severe weather, consider attending one of our virtual sessions! 

What will be taught in the course?

Attendees are taught the basics of thunderstorm development, storm structure, the features to look for, and where to find them. What, when and how to report information to us at the National Weather Service is also covered.

What will you need at home?

Attendees will need a desktop or laptop computer to view the presentation. Additionally, we will use interactive polling software throughout the presentation which will use your cell phone should you choose to participate in the polling questions!

How do you register?

Registration links will be provided a couple of weeks before the scheduled presentations. The links to register will be placed below with each scheduled date. 

Virtual Storm Spotter Class Dates and Registration Links

Note: These courses may be canceled or changed on short notice due to active weather. NWS will communicate these changes via their website and social media channels.

NWS St. Louis

Skywarn Training: online classes

From the Madison County ARES (Illinois) Face Book page.

Since we are all at home, there has been renewed interest in storm spotting.
I believe this is most comprehensive list of storm spotter training I have ever posted.

NWS Mini Course:
A guide to basic radar products using radar apps
This is a free course from the National Weather Service Paducah Kentucky:
Well I have managed to put together a mini course for you all (and the public) on radar products, (using Radarscope as an example), so if you are interested, here are the details. Register here: […/5567152133763931919](…/5567152133763931919) If you have any questions, please email me - Christine

COMET ED One of the best online free spotter courses

The link to the recording of the Webinar has not been posted , but NWS Norman sent out the following links covering everything that was discussed.
Here are some links related to what was discussed during the webinar:
NWS Norman Website -
SPC Mesoanalysis Page -
NWS Norman Skywarn Page -
COMET Spotter Training Modules -
NWS Norman YouTube Spotter Playlist -
SPC Severe Weather Video Lecture Series -
Spotter Network -

Norman Ok NWS Online Spotter Course

Spotter training resource page

Norman OK Advance Spotter training Webinar 2020…

St. Louis NWS Virtual Spotter Class


FOX2 Meteorologist Chris Higgins and Kevin Deitsch, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service teamed up to bring you the presentation virtually.

The two meteorologists discuss what to look for when severe weather develops, how to take safety depending if you are at home or on the road, and how you can notify the NWS of what you are seeing in your neighborhood.

Click here to learn more about the NWS Skywarn program.

Repeater change for St. Louis SKYWARN

Skywarn logo
Repeater change for St. Louis SKYWARN.

St. Louis Metro Skywarn will now be using the 146.910 repeater for all Skywarn activities and during severe weather. The 147.360 will be the back up repeater. Please make sure you can reach the 146.910 repeater from your home and or mobile station.

St. Louis Metro Skywarn would like everyone to report severe weather and severe weather damage reports on the 146.910 repeater. We send your reports to the NWS St. Louis Office plus the St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management for them to dispatch the necessary response teams when needed to those locations reported.

For more information visit St. Louis Metro Skywarn

No trespassing on Madison County Levees


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY all levees in Madison County are closed to UNAUTHORIZED persons. Local Law Enforcement, Sheriff’s Office and National Guard will be patrolling and monitoring the levee system. If you are not authorized to be on the levee you will be asked to leave. The safety of our residents and the integrity of our levees is of utmost importance. Thank you for understanding and please share!