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Winterheat 2022: Tracking QSO Distance

Tracking QSO Distance:

Updated information from Jess Hunter

So last year a lot of people were curious about the QSO Distance. Since that feature request came in after the event had started the best I could really do was throw some ad-hoc code into what is displayed on the screen and that was after the QSO had been made.
This year not only will you be able to see the QSO distance before adding the QSO results. The distance will also be stored into the system.
There are some caveats though. If a person moves and does not update their FCC records. It will show their last registered address.
The LAT/LON is based off of Zip Codes initially. Last year we had the feature for people to manually update their GPS coordinates.
If a person is mobile traveling through another area. It will log their home QTH. Not to mention if a person goes "Air Mobile" like we had last year.
I'll give some thought on how we might be able to address those issues once I get further along on the logging script.
Here is a question I have and am looking for some input.
On the "Add QSO" screen where the distance will be displayed. I am thinking about making the text blink to get the user's attention if the number is high.


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