Winter Heat 2020

Winter Heat 2020:DMR and C4FM Simplex

In addition to the FM Simplex frequencies we've been using. We now have opportunities on DMR and C4FM!

  • 147.520 - IL2-B
  • 147.570 - IL2-C
  • 446.400 - ILUHF-B
  • 446.700 - ILUHF-C
  • 52.540 - IL6M-X
  • 147.555 - VHF C4FM Voice
    • Simplex Only
  • 446.600 - UHF C4FM Voice
    • Simplex Only
  • 145.670 - VHF - DMR
    • Simplex Only
  • 446.500 - UHF DMR
    • Simplex Only

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Winter Heat 2020: Mobile contact rules

The question was asked if 'mobile contacts' would count toward Winter Heat 2020. So I asked the organizer on the Central Illinois group. His full answer follows but the Reader's Digest version is: "Honor system. If you're mobile within your own county. Go ahead and log the contact."


Here's the compete replay from Jess at Central States Amateur Radio on Face Book

Keep in mind that the distance is based off of the zip codes.

When this first came up on Day 1 I stated that I had not thought about handling mobile operations so I did not implement that in the process.

For instance. I live in Sangamon County. I travel dow to the Saline County area and make contacts. The logs are going to show a distance of several hundred miles when I may in fact only be 2 blocks from the other station.

So I guess this is where the Human factor overrides the Tech factor.

Honor system. If you're mobile within your own county. Go ahead and log the contact.

It would only screw up the "Farthest Contact" script on the Leaderboard.

If a person is mobile add that note in the contact notes. If the contact logged distance is over 75 miles. Put the estimated distance in the contact notes as well.


Winter Heat2020 Event Stats

ILL-RadioActiveWinterHeat2020 Event Stats:

At present time (1/3/20 @ 07:00) we have:
# of Participants: 95
Logged Contacts: 454
Average Contact Per Hour: 6.30

Bill Killion (KD9IWV) from Saline County leads with 43 contacts.

John King (W9KXQ) has logged the farthest contact at 242 miles (on 2 meters).

Sangamon County Leads with the largest number of registered participants at 15.

Thanks for getting the word out about the event and let's see if we can get the participant number over the 100 mark today and hopefully by the end of the month we can double that number.

Everyone is doing a great job getting radio active and the positive comments received about the event are greatly appreciated.


Jess - W9ABS

WinterHeat 2020 Website

Winter Heat 2020: Illinois State Wide Simplex Event

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 11.54.00 AM

Winter Heat 2020 is an Illinois state-wide simplex event/contest to commence at 00:01 on January 1, 2020.

This event is the first of its kind as it is conducted for an entire month.

Amateur radio operators will operate on designated 2 Meter, 6 Meter and 70 centimeter amateur radio frequencies and will log contacts with each contact worth a single point.

It is recommended that all radio operators wishing to participate should sign up prior to the start of the event however; participant sign up can be completed at any time throughout the duration of the event.

Distance between radio operators are based off of the zip code of record per the FCC Universal Licensing System. Distance has no effect on the scoring system and is presented for reference information only.


Winter Heat is a month-long 2M/70cm event/contest to increase activity on the short-stick (2 Meter / 70 centimeter / 6 Meter) bands.

  • All contacts shall be via voice using the FM mode.
  • All contacts will be made on the following designated Illinois AUXCOMM Simplex Frequencies:
    • 147.570 - IL2-C
    • 446.700 - ILUHF-C
    • 52.540 - IL6M-X
      • 6 Meters is not represented in the IIFOG.

  • These frequencies are used as not to tie up the traditional calling frequencies

The event will start at 00:01 CDT on January 1, 2020 and will end at 23:59 CDT on January 31, 2020.

Contacts are logged into the over-the-web logging system and are tabulated in real time. Participants wishing to log their contacts will be required to sign up for the event. All contacts can be submitted regardless if the other party is a registered participant or not.

Sponsored by: Central Illinois Radio Active